Understanding your values, strengths, weaknesses and preferences provides a roadmap for decision making and goal setting.  This self-awareness enables better navigation through challenges and opportunities, as you make decisions that resonate with your core identity.

Knowing yourself enhances emotional intelligence, fostering better relationships with others.  Recognising your emotions and triggers allows for healthier communication and conflict resolution.  Additionally, you are better equipped to set boundaries and prioritise your well being which contributes to sustained mental and emotional balance.

Knowing yourself is a continuous process that empowers you to lead a more intentional and fulfilling life, making it easier to navigate the complexities of personal and professional experiences.  My readings aim to support that knowing.

A reading explains:

  • • the key lessons you’re here to learn
  • what your soul is pushing you towards
  • • strategies to support your interactions with others

angela delglyn, practical readings using soul contracts and human design

How do you see yourself?

Many people over-identify with what they believe and experience, as if that’s who they are.  And yet these experiences were gained through perceptual filters that gave a distorted impression.

If you want to find who you really are, prepare to release those filters and find the point of neutrality that is your personal truth.

By getting to know the energies and influences you’re made up of, you can let go of the attachment to them