If you are reading these words and saying "yes!" then it's no accident you're here.  This is a place where you can feel held enough to open the heart that's been closed, safe enough to lose the armour that's been shielding you. 


You want to be guided to and through the eye of your storm by someone who knows exactly what it feels like, someone with the experience and maturity to know precisely what you’re going through.


I grew up steeped in fear, with no direction, and feeling very much like a leaf on the wind.

  • There was very little joy in my life
  • My energy was constantly undermined
  • My health was a downward spiral

At 31 Spirit woke me; they would shout my name as I slept and I would sit up in bed, startled, wondering who was calling me!  

I was clearly 'shown' the first steps of what I had to do in order to begin my healing journey; all I had to do was trust and follow.


Soon after my awakening I met the father of my two lovely boys.  We were together for 7 years before the abuse began and I realised the boys and I had to move on, eventually being guided to relocate in the south.

I quickly settled and set up my massage business.  The early days saw challenges and ups and downs of fortune, but the directional clues kept on showing up so I followed on.

I continued to build the relationship with my Spirit team, learning to trust their guidance, but still had a long way to go to clear the mass of fears and impediments to being energetically efficient - another 30 years to be precise.


As long as I kept learning and trusting, the right people or events would show up to create the necessary change and unfoldment in me - some more dramatic than others, but sometimes a sledgehammer is required to break through what is set in concrete.

One such sledgehammer broke open the person I had become and necessitated a total rebuild from the fractured parts.  Whilst it was hard, and I would not have consciously chosen it, that rebuild lay waste to many false beliefs and fears, pushing me way beyond my comfort zone, boosting me to the much stronger version I am today.  What I overcame is what ignites my passion to be a results-based transformational coach.

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