life feels stressful

Life feels stressful

Life feels stressful without a manual – right? From birth I soaked up the energies of everyone around me. Over time, these accumulated and became the extremes that turned my stressors into trauma.

As I matured, I learned the nature of how to maintain my energetic health until it became a key component of my work today.

My early work in the corporate world involved shifts on computers, another physical drain; when I realised the effects, I knew it was time to retrain.

A fascination with the body took me through 28 years of working in wholistic health. Most clients didn’t see the relationship between what their minds perceived and their developing body issues. It was this that led me to seek the energetic angle.

Lessons from my journey

My own journey showed me that a distorted perception is not just a mental stressor; it affects biochemistry and emotions, disrupts energetic flow and undermines health and resilience.

In my book ‘A Novel Approach to Healing‘ I explained the experiences of my own journey and added self help strategies to support the readers learning process.

Our beliefs and how we interpret experiences all arise in PERCEPTION. The more we know about how we’re designed to function, the less resistance we encounter on our future path.

Let’s see if we can open up your perspective and discover why you see things the way you do.