We all experience the effects of energy passing through us on a daily basis. Only when this natural phenomenon is disrupted do we take notice and the need for energy clearing is evident.

Symptoms of stuck energy

  • • Insomnia / anxiety / feeling agitated / irritated / bored / pressured / some forms of depression.

What makes you stuck?

  • • Negative thought patterns
  • • Accrual of negative energies from self/others
  • • Insufficient physical activity
  • • Lack of self care

If you can’t push off these heavy energies, please contact me for an energy clearing session and rediscover what neutral territory feels like. It takes just one hour of your time and is by donation.


“I’ve sent a donation for the priceless support you’ve given me today. I feel a difference already. I was quite bogged down so the shift feels dramatically different. I love that something simple and straightforward to practice has proved so helpful.” Lynda N

If you personally, or a group you are involved with, wish to learn my process of energy clearing, do get in touch. I encourage all who are willing to use some form of clearing discipline every day – it doesn’t just help you, but those around you too.


Healing is another way to use energy. My role is that of the conduit, supporting your body’s need to heal, limited only by the beliefs you hold.

Sessions are conducted online, by appointment and payment is by donation – a link will be provided.

Please reach out via the Contact page if you’re interested – thank you.

Grateful clients say:

“Angela is an amazing healer. Highly skilled, intuitive, with a solid knowledge base and effective tools to bring you back into balance. The outcome is RESULTS!” – Linda Lang – http://thoughtchange.com


“I’ve had many healing sessions over the years but none quite like the one I received from Angela. We instantly connected and she saw and felt what was going on for me. My body was able to relax deeply under her intuitive touch, so much so that long-standing ailments simply dissolved. I highly recommend her if you are willing to resolve and dissolve your core issues.

Feeling vibrantly alive for the first time in eons! Deepest Gratitude.” Diana Eder, Homeopath & Spirit Doctor

healing hands