soul contract chart, human design chart, living numerology, star of David
Sample Charts

Living numerology illustrates the unique energy set (cake) that your Soul has chosen to learn from. Any name variations change its flavour.


  • 1 full birth certificate name
  • 1 set of birth details
  • 1 long-held desire
  • 1 burning aspiration
  • 1 open heart
  • 1 good pair of ears
  • 90 minutes of your time


1. Take one Soul Contract

This system was originally channeled by Frank Alper as the Numerology of Moses. Rooted in ancient Hebrew, it provides accurate channeled material about the trajectory of your life and illustrates the lessons your Soul has chosen to work on in this lifetime.

The essence of this work is SOUND, and we use phonetics to increase it’s precision. Your Soul chose your birth name to create a specific set of frequencies, thus attracting the lessons it will work on in this lifetime. It is said that you transmit your name to your parents at the time of birth.

We take the letters of your birth certificate name and give them a numeric value. These are totalled and mapped around the Star of David. Each numeric value has an associated symbol – see the example chart above. The ‘energy set’ of your name becomes the theme of your life.

2. Add a measure of Human Design

Human Design shows how your body is designed to travel the trajectory of your life. From your birth details, we see the numbers in your circuitry which actually come from the ancient I-Ching. Plus you’ll learn how your aura interacts with others and how to make decisions that don’t meet resistance.

Human Design is invaluable when fathoming the self and looking at relationship dynamics.

3. Mix well and bake for a few months

Used together, these systems bring emotional intelligence to the fore and provide a practical foundation for your ongoing development.

Seeing yourself in a new light can transform your perceptions into something altogether more constructive and empowering.

And living numerology can help to open your heart by recognising your own truth, and realigning your view point.

These 90 minute sessions are conducted online using Zoom and the audio file emailed to you later, along with copies of your charts. We would suggest you continue to refer to these materials in the following weeks and months until you get used to seeing the energies of the frequencies showing up in your life.