Here’s what people are saying about their sessions:


What can I say but completely transformational! Working with Angela really helped me understand myself on a deeper level, why I do what I do, and helped me start listening to myself and my intuition more.

I have now started to live my life and run my business more in flow with how I really am instead of fighting against myself all of the time. She helped me make some difficult decisions which took a direction I didn’t expect, and now my business and my mental health is much better because of it.

It was incredible working with someone who really seemed to understand me and what I need in times of struggle. I was feeling very low and depressed before working with Angela and now I’m much more confident, happy in myself and working in flow with my body. Emma, UK


I was fascinated by the Human Design model as a way of understanding myself and found the information helpful in validating some experiences in my personal and working life.

It was clear that Angela knows her stuff; the reading itself was very professional with clear insights and examples into how the model works and the impact certain factors might have on me. It did much to validate experiences I’ve had and helped make sense of them as natural attributes rather than flaws.

In particular, I found it liberating to learn how I access and utilise knowledge to support other professionals positively – something I’d previously felt to be a negative trait (having done many courses but not specialising in any).

I found the reading helpful, illuminating and with so much practical application that I can now draw fully on my innate strength. As well helping me spot potential pitfalls, it also showed me ways to navigate the future with more joy and less stress. I would definitely recommend this approach if you want to understand yourself and life more deeply.

Melanie G, UK

seekers lampost

Great information!

I’d never had a Soul Contract reading so I was really excited to hear what my Soul had in store for me. I had an inkling but was seeking validation.

Angela included visuals and a recording of the session which was great as the reading contained a large amount of information to revisit later. Angela is very passionate and about her work, and presents it with impressive knowledge and expertise.

The reading left me with some great information about my soul’s purpose and ideas to enhance my spiritual business. It was intuitive and very accurate. You’d think we’d known each other for years, but the session marked our first meeting. Thank you Angela for such an amazing experience. Jen, CA – The Seekers Lamppost

Never be the same

Having had sessions with Angela, it’s hard to quantify the enormous impact this has had on how I see myself, my choices and the future.

The best way I can find to describe it is like watching a lotus flower slowly unfolding, petal by petal, revealing the beauty and uniqueness that is me and my soul.

Angela takes you through this process with real insight and compassion and provides support that goes above and beyond.
I will never be the same again. Susan, UK


Angela helped me accept my past – all the pain, isolation and at times sheer desperation.
We are Souls, our bodies mere containers; we experience life on earth within those containers. I’m in my 62nd year in a container that has given me years of physical 24/7 constant burning pain.

I have accepted a Soul Contract that tests me to my limits, for there were times I didn’t think I could go on. I use the term ‘accepted’ because, in order to grow, our Souls must be put to difficult situations, not just in experience, but to build up a Bank of Wisdom that ultimately we can all share.

So, in this life I am having the experience of Olmsted Syndrome (look it up), an extremely rare and painful condition, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

Angela is gifted, passionate and professional. How she does it, I don’t really know, but her ability to read an individuals life story is formidable! Somehow Angela is able to tap in to that Bank of Wisdom and is able to explain the difficulties in life that we all face in a very practical and down-to-earth way. Alan, UK

New energy

Angela is very intuitive, curious and a good listener. She has a talent to lead you to answers you couldn’t find yourself and this technique is most empowering, as only when you fully understand a situation can you change it.

What I really appreciated was that Angela stayed in touch throughout the years, always boosting my motivation.

I highly recommend her sessions to find new energy you might have not felt for years and to get out there and be your best self and enjoy life. Helena, UK


Angela is a highly gifted intuitive and helped put together my Soul Contract based on Ancient Hebrew glyphs and numerology.

The findings and advice from them were life changing and affirmed a new creative direction. It clarified the karmic patterns that I have been working through and grounded my visions for my soul purpose work.

Angela possesses wonderful insights to complement the reading which were probably the biggest take aways that I will keep with me. Crystal, US